They are high quality, sturdy and secure video surveillance sites equipped with high end camera that captures anything that moves with great detail. Perfect for monitoring of construction sites, gates and much more.

AVA Cameras

The AI-powered indoor and outdoor dome security camera is versatile, robust and effortless to install over the cloud, helping you focus on the events that require immediate attention.

Fit for both the harshest outdoor installations and discreet interior environments, the indoor/​outdoor Dome security camera captures every detail day and night, in all light conditions.

Surveillance Signs

Specto Remote also owns CCTV Signs that can be helpful to inform the workers or scare off the intruders.

They come i two different sizes

Large: 100cm x 60cm / 39.4in x 23.6in

Small: 30cm x 18cm / 11.8in x 7in