Specto Remote Enterprise Networking encompasses all of the core components of a customer network. From LAN switches, wireless networking solutions to advanced power management, administration and management solutions, these are the core building blocks of the connected enterprise. Our solutions create the most robust customer networks, designed for today and optimised for tomorrow to help you accelerate innovation, reduce cost and complexity, enhance security and benefits from mobility.

Comprehensive Product Line
Specto Remote has developed a whole range of user-orientated enterprise product line to confront the ever-increasing demands of the global market. For special requirements, we also provide customized services. Satisfying customers by offering a full, innovative product line. 
One-stop Technical Support
We provide full range of technical service through consultative planning, product selection and solution development. After project completion, our round-the-clock support is always ready for you. Remote assistance and door-to-door service is also available at your convenience.
Cost Reduction
Specto Remote has developed flexible and diversified product series with the most appropriate and efficient enterprise solutions to increase network capacity and transmission speeds, reduce operating expenses, and improve production efficiency, productivity,  and competitive strength. 
Enhance Operation
Specto Remote solutions easily scale from Small Business Start-ups to Enterprise-class Corporations that demand flawless uptime, secure wireless networks etc. It combines advanced analytics, best practices with expert guidance for continuous improvement in efficiency and availability. 
Great Security
Security concerns usually be addressed first when considering enterprise networking service. Specto Remote has stringent security policies for our enterprise networking offerings to protects all of your business data and communication system and help you to gain 360-degree network visibility or security. 

Our Enterprise Network Project Support Products

Apply our highly compatible and scalable basic enterprise network device to realize the connection between your business and the world. 
Power over Ethernet
Choose our PoE network devices to enjoy lower cost, less downtime, easier maintenance, and greater installation flexibility than with traditional wiring. 
Enterprise WIFI
Combine AP with centralized controller, you can get an enterprise-class performance network with high speed and large capacity. 
Copper Cabling
Properly designed end-to-end copper cabling systems including pre-terminated cable assemblies and tools offer high quality and quick deployment. 
Fiber Cabling
Take advantage of optical fiber systems to speed up your business with higher bandwidth, easier management and less space.