Need us 24×7? Overnight? Just on weekends? Specto Remote NOC support meets the needs of your technology environment and operational workflow. We’re there when you need us.

We create a customized package of NOC services at one of three technical support levels:

  • Notification
  • Tier 1
  • Advanced (Tier 2 and 3)

INOC provides NOC support to ensure that all the operational services you need are satisfied:

  • Event Monitoring and Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • On-Demand NOC Support
  • Integration Services
  • Advanced Runbook Services
  • Provisioning Support

Outsourced NOC TURNUP


Following clearly outlined steps and using helpful tools to keep us on the same page,
our dedicated service turnup team walks you through the process, which typically takes two to eight weeks.

Specto Remote then sets you up with a client/customer portal so you can track what we’re tracking in real time. Key metrics help your team benchmark performance and determine the root cause of ongoing issues.

Outsourced NOC Integration

Specto Remote supports outsourced NOC integration with a range of client, third-party and OEM-specific systems: trouble ticket systems, NMSs, EMSs, devices and applications infrastructure. We integrate with client and third-party databases for reporting and various other purposes. We also develop custom monitoring functionality for our clients, ensuring that the NOC has a comprehensive view into your entire infrastructure.

Specto Remote keeps you in the loop every step of the way. Once you’ve transitioned to our NOC, we supply all the information you need to ensure a smooth monitoring and reporting process.

Our NOC runbook services document and guide you through the operational support processes. You’ll get a detailed handbook documenting work steps that the NOC will execute for managing issues as they arise. Specto Remote also develops advanced NOC runbooks for clients’ internal documentation, training and optimization.


  • Requirements analysis for greenfield NOC deployments
  • Assessment of current NOC operations
  • Buildout and optimization services

Specto Remote approach to high-quality support is based on alignment and integration between various functions of NOC support operations. With an understanding of the customer’s internal and external support requirements, support expectations, SLAs, security, business continuity, and other requirements, the NOC Design team provides a blueprint for a tiered organization structure, including, hiring, training and managing people, and a standardized framework such as ITIL for implementing and managing processes and procedures. With existing or new tools and integrations, we help define appropriate workflow and ensure you have good operational visibility with detailed reports and metrics to run the NOC effectively and efficiently. NOC Design services also include implementation of Continual Service Improvement, Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes, critical to a successful NOC operation.