Safety Comes First

To ensure safe operations of construction machines in hazardous areas, Specto Remote has developed a solution whereby dump trucks and excavators can be remote controlled. With live video feed and customized chairs, operators can work from virtually anywhere!

Cost Reduction

In addition to providing a safe working environment, the solution saves time and money allowing operators to take turns controlling the dump truck and excavator. GPS navigation can also be added to allow the dump trucks to drive by itself.

Wide Field Of View

The six camera system allows use to see everything necessary while operating large vehicles. With the high quality of the image that the camera sends to the control room you are able to do almost everything that you would be able to while sitting in said vehicle .

Eco Friendlier

By getting rid of the need for truck operators and the need of driving back and forth to the operating site the cost is reduced significantly and less fuels is being consumed. It also leads to less wears and tears on equipment, also it’s support for diesel-electric and battery electric machines brings a lot of environmental benefits.