Specto Remote are located in Oslo and Bodø Norway.

We are a wireless solution provider that specializes in advanced wireless setups. We cover a wide area. We love the possibilities that wireless technology opens up, and are always pushing the boundaries to make sure that we deliver innovative solutions that can withstand Mother Nature and satisfy demanding users.

The company is part of the Gjermundshaug Group which consists of 8 companies and approximately 150 employees. The group will in 2011 reach revenues of $47 Million.

Being part of a larger organization gives Specto Remote both financial strength and the benefits of working with complimentary subsidiaries. Two of these subsidiaries are Avantis Distribution AS and Degree Consulting.


Redefine the network communication industry and build an efficiently connected world. Deliver high-class products and solutions with an unyielding commitment to technical support. Help customers evaluate technology options and implement the right communications and infrastructures. Provide a full range of service by our relentless pursuit of customers satisfaction.

Belief & Quality Commitment
“Customers come first” – It’s our unwavering commitment to create opportunities and bring value to customers around the world. We focus our concentration, innovation and progression towards getting better and better.

Specto Remote Technical Support & Customer Service Team are 24-hour online to provide professional technical solutions or support on products or services problems. We are still dedicated to expanding and improving these to serve every single customer better.